Deliverable name Due date Status
D1.1 System requirements and technical specifications Μ4. Sep 2020 Delivered
D4.1 Scenarios and validation guide Μ6. Nov 2020 Delivered
D2.1 Flying robotic platform according to the specificatios Μ12. May 2021 Delivered
D3.1 Mapping and localization Μ12. May 2021 Delivered
D4.2 Integration plan Μ12. May 2021 Delivered
D2.2 Spraying system Μ18. Nov 2021 Delivered
D2.3 Drone control Μ18. Nov 2021 Delivered
D2.4 User interface Μ18. Nov 2021 Delivered
D3.2 Thermal analysis, detection of faults and spraying of selected points Μ24. May 2022 Delivered
D3.3 Fault analysis and optimization Μ24. May 2022 Delivered
D4.3 System integration Μ24. May 2022 Delivered
D1.3 Contact with interested parties and companies Μ28. Sep 2022 Delivered
D1.4 Dissemination of results to the schientific community Μ28. Sep 2022 Delivered
D4.4 Field trials and demonstration Μ28. Sep 2022 Delivered
D4.5 System validation Μ28. Sep 2022 Delivered

Progress reports

Repοrτ name Due date Status
D1.2-PR1 Progress report 1 Μ6. Νοv 2020 Delivered
D1.2-PR2 Progress report 2 Μ12. May 2021 Delivered
D1.2-PR3 Progress report 3 Μ18. Νοv 2021 Delivered
D1.2-FR Final report Μ24. Sep 2022 Delivered