Start 01-06-2020
Duration 24 μήνες
Project acronym HYPERION
Full project name Autonomous aerial robotic system for inspection and performance optimization of photovoltaic power plants
Consortium Pygolampis
Talos Avionics
Aether Aeronautics
Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
Funding Operational Program Crete 2014-2020. Action 1.b.2 "Business Partnerships with Research and Knowledge Organizations in the RIS3 Crete sectors".
Project code ΚΡΗΡ1-0033203
Budget 597,445€
Funding 501,975€

Project summary

Hyperion project aims to develop software and hardware for the remote surveillance, maintenance and optimisation of the operation of photovoltaic installations. More specifically, during this project, an aerial robotic vehicle (drone) will be developed which will be capable to fly autonomously (without human tele-operation) over photovoltaic installations and, using proper sensors and algorithms, it will be able to create a map of the installation, to navigate itself autonomously within this map, and to detect possible problems. In cases where problems are detected. the system will propose solutions and/or optimisation actions. Especially in the case of hot spots, the proposed system will be able to effectively contribute to its prevention by detecting local dirt spots which are likely to transform to hot spots and where it is possible, it will try to dissolve the dirt sports by spraying them with solvent liquid.