The first version of HYPERION's desktop interface has been delivered by Pygolampis and distributed to the other partners for experimentation. The current version allows entry of the photovoltaic plant's electrical circuity (e.g. which panel belongs to which inverter and which string). Ir also allows the definition of "obstacles" (dangerous areas for the robot to avoid) and the definition of preset drone poses.

The images bellow showcase some of the functionality of the current version of the desktop interface.

(a) (b)
(c) (d)
(e) (f)
Screenshots from HYPERION's desktop interface. (a,b) The photovoltaic plant can be observed from different preset camera locations, (c) general electrical charakteristics of the plant, (d) preset drone poses, (e) selecting panels belonging to the same inverter but different strings, (f) obstacle locations snd properties.