Hyperion mobile

Version v0.1 of the mobile app to interact with the hyperion drone using a mobile device (phone, tablet, laptop).

IOS: (contact)
Android: hyperion_mobile.apk
MacOS: hyperion_mobile.app.zip
Windows: hyperion_mobile.zip

Hyperion desktop

Version v0.1 of the desktop app to inspect/edit the drone map, configure electical data, and inspect for problems.

MacOS: hyperion_desktop.app.zip
Windows: hyperion_desktop.zip

Dummy server

Source code for the dummy server to showcase/test the communications between the drone and the mobile interface.


Hyperion interface Communications

Temporary communications protocol for hyperion interfaces. Describes data exchanged between the interfaces and the drone. To be converted to ROS for final integration.


Sample environment

Sample environment to test hyperion mobile and desktop interfaces.